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MoonWatcher – Braxas Mix – Deep Prog | Deep Tech

MoonWatcher Mix – Braxas – Deep Prog | Deep Tech

A proper mix should be more than just a collection of tracks. It should tell a story, describe an emotion, and take the listener on a journey. MoonWalker by Braxas aims to do all of that and more. It speaks of a time of deep contemplation and uncertainty. Recorded in the final weeks of 2016, a heavy year to say the least, Braxas weaves a dark story that evokes mental images of wondering on urban moonlit streets in the dead of night.

All too often people are prone to latching onto positive feel-good events and they forget to acknowledge the dark spaces that are a vital part of existence. We are in the winter months, the time of decay and dying , the dark stillness before the upward rising of the spring and summer. It is vital to ones balanced development to embrace the dark, the gritty, the uncomfortable moments in life.

MoonWalker is a musical exploration of those dark spaces in time…

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